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USA; 1464 vote; rating: 4,8 / 10; actors: Takehiro Hira; Catherine Hanrahan; runtime: 97m

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Thanks for the movie. Can't wait for the sequel. She know what we are googling. The only thing left to know is if they fell to their death or who died... 😂. You are an amazing actress.

I saw the movie and the ending is just not fair. Oh my god her eyes ! she is soo fu#ing adorable. Shes cute. Love those big blue adorable eyes. she can be Ana Steele. That face, those eyes. She needs no makeup to look beautiful. Shes a great actress too. 0:11 i thought choi min-ho.


Trouble makers where you at? Aka Dylan. This trailer basically just told us the whole story😂. Looks thrilling, I hope there would be an interesting mistery in it! Reminds me of Alicia Vikander's Earthquake Bird. Loved the elephants joke. Also, gorgeous eyes. I had to stop watching the trailer after 1 minute, just so I could have something forward to watch if I did decide to watch the movie. #spoilers.


That's a nice set of jokes... I wonder if these tobacco companies or the industry pays Hollywood. So many of these films have people smoking 🚬 🤢 film looks good though.


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